Running of the Gnomes 2017

Back in June, I participated in the Running of the Trolls to benefit the Trevor Project.

Now, it’s time for the Running of the Gnomes which is back for it’s 8th Year, and I’m posting to help spread the word. The run will benefit the Cleveland Clinic and the creators of the Tuohy Vaccine that is currently in the early stages of human clinical trials. If the drug is successful, it could be the end of breast cancer.

The links in the paragraph above will take you to a donation page, and a page with more info about the vaccine, respectively.

I’ll be running, and I hope you can join us. If you play, it’s as easy as just making a gnome on Scarlet Crusade-US and showing up on October 14th, 2017 7pm EST. (come early – so you can chat with us, get in place, etc.) Choosing pink hair isn’t 100% mandatory, but you really should. You can also mail yourself an account-bound guild tabard, so when you get invited to one of the official racing guilds, you’ll be able to show off what you’re running for.

If you don’t already play, you can run with us too! Grab a trial copy of WoW here and make a gnome character on Scarlet Crusade-US. You won’t be able to join one of the guilds, but you can still run right along with the rest of through the landscapes of Azeroth. We’d advise you log in a little earlier than 7pm in order to do the first few starting quests so you can get outside the starting point. Otherwise, you don’t have to actually play Warcraft – we won’t force ya. After the run just send a message on social media with your name so TPTB can headcount you. Do so in the half hour to hour afterwards if you can.

Here’s more information straight from the organizer’s (@Dravvie) site:

The very first year when we expected it to be only friends and guildies we asked guild members and other participants to donate based upon the number of Gnomes who showed up, in small change amounts. For example, people would pledge that for every Gnome that attended they would donate a penny, nickle, or dime.

Some people now donate whatever they can, but some people still donate this way, and it’s fun to see just how many Gnomes we have! A few hours after the run, I’ll let you know how many Gnomes and escorts ran with us, and post it online.

You don’t have to donate if you participate, but you’re free to donate if you’d like! Plus, coming does help raise the amount that some people will chip in!

Last year we had 2,860+ Gnomes, and raised $5,500. This year our starting goal is $4,000!

Social Media:


Twitter: Warcraft Cares

Twitter: Dravvie

Facebook: Running of the Gnomes

Hashtag: #GnomeRun2k17

See our FAQ’s for more info!


If you can’t join us, please consider donating to the Cleveland Clinic. It’s as easy as clicking on the graphic below and dropping a dime or two. 



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