Good Luck Movin’ Up ‘Cause We’re Moving Out

I hope you get the reference from the post title. If not, here’s the song it comes from: 

And as much as I love that show, I hate moving. We thought we were pretty settled here, and fairly happy. Rent keeps going up, sure – but hey, that’s life. It was in the back of our head that we’d find a new place as soon as we could, and we’d even looked around – but to be honest, this was our best option. 

We were noticed mid-August that Acadia, our leasing company wouldn’t be renewing our lease. When we asked why on EARTH that was happening, they explained that they’d given us notice – by putting a note on our door (the door that’s in the breezeway, outside, susceptible to BREEZES) – and that they wanted to renovate this apartment. 

If you can’t tell by my tone, we did NOT get that note. We were also very unhappy with the way we were treated by the people at the leasing office. So we did something to get up their noses. We called the home office. 

Needless to say, the home office realizes that a note attached to our front door isn’t proper notice, so they had a major CYA moment. Right away we got alerted that we’d have plenty of time to pack up our things, and that we wouldn’t be evicted right away. 

Cold comfort though, since we still have absolutely no clue where we’ll end up. Just today we talked to the corporate office again, and they still don’t have a final solution. If we stay here, they’ll give us $500 and pay our moving expenses. OH, and they’ll waive any transfer fees. Yeah, because we want to transfer…. 

We’ve also got some feelers out, but truthfully, the chances that we’ll be approved now that we’re both on SSD and can afford to move without Acadia’s dispensation is very low. We’re rather hemmed in, but hey, miracles happen. 

That’s where we are now. Packing. Not taking our time, but also not rushing. Trying to find alternatives to this complex while kinda hoping they find us a solution here. Hating life because stress is the worst, and it’s terrible for my condition. *audible sigh*

Pray for us. 4srsly.