Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge #18: So Random

I participated in Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge #17: Best Dressed, by sharing a link to this post. I was turned on to their blog by Mr. & Mrs. WoW, whom I dig and who recently returned to the game after a fairly long hiatus. I’m really enjoying reading about how they’re catching up in Legion, and seeing the pictures they post with their blog posts.

After participating in Blog Challenge #17, I decided to continue with #18: The most random thing you’ve found in WoW. I picked something that struck me as pretty hilarious, and an example of how Blizzard tries to keep continuity as solid as possible, even with the little things. Actually, ESPECIALLY with the little things.

My personal main is my rogue, and as the lore of WoW has unfolded, the joy of collecting pickpocketed items has increased. A lot of the things in the gbank tab above came from pickpocketing. I particularly enjoy watching the saga of the Steamy Romance Novels unfold – as several of those can be stolen by rogues.

So for my “Random” pick, I’m choosing this recent easter egg from Legion. When you enter a hut near Thunder Totem, a scene plays out where Marcus (from the books) gets up, says “Well, that was certainly unexpected.” and saunters out.

He leaves behind the two other participants of his tryst, Tanda and Bax Freeseeker – and a treasure chest. It contains a wearable common level necklace named “Shiny Silver Necklace”. I guess it’s his parting gift to the couple.

The entire sequence and treasure is a complete joy to me, because it references something that’s been threaded through the game for several expansions and patches. It’s like a little reward to the people that like these flavor items.

Now Blizzard, give me some subtext for the throwing dice, okay?